At GC PEASA we combine the best of experience with innovation, which is why we have highly trained personnel with experience in areas:

  • Project Manager

  • Construction

  • Architectural design

  • Electric engineering

  • mechanical Engineering

  • Structural engineering

  • BIM

  • Administration


18,162.14 hrs.

Training of employees during 2020, on technical and human issues, including mental health issues.

  • Internal e-learning program to reach more collaborators and break the distance gap.

  • Monthly construction safety courses, because the life of our collaborators is the most important thing.

  • Collaborators are supported to continue their studies in master's degrees or specialties at the best national and international universities and institutes.

  • Training plans focused on each area, because we know that being updated is already a necessity.

  • Our contractors receive constant training in each of the works in which we work.

  • Staff with international certifications.